Lake Pukaki

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Apr 252016
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We stopped beside the lake mid-afternoon – not exactly the time of day that the “Landscape Photographers Guide” suggests.

The colour of the lake is what I always find magical so I just wandered along beside the rocks. When I saw the bits of tree I decided that I just had to go and get my camera.

Some ND to smooth things out and just wait for the top of the mountain to come out of the cloud. That didn’t exactly happen but I did have fun.

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  3 Responses to “Lake Pukaki”

  1. Time and place are so important. Somehow I think we may start seeing more images like this from you now you have the big brown bus.

  2. Love this image. The trees in the water give a texture to th water that’s so not typical. Really holds your eye in the image. Well one! 🙂

  3. Ian I see that you are not satisfied photographing trees on land but you have to find them in the water as well!!!

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