Apr 192016
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In 2015 I was privileged be a member of Bruce Girdwood’s African Gathering trip, and, a year on I long to be there again. This image was made as we entered the Richtersveld , a mountainous desert area in northwest South Africa. We stopped at a tree famously photographed by Colla Swart – this is my interpretation of Colla’s tree. It is an image I am very emotionally attached to as it began my love affair with the Richtersveld.

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  3 Responses to “Lone Sentinel- Stephanie Forrester”

  1. Gorgeous abd different to all others. Well created

  2. For me the centre of the tree reminds me of the celtic knots that have always fascinated me. I love the fading hills, layers on layers and the shadow like effect of the tree top that is really the clouds. I love images that are suggestive of one thing and then lead your mind inward and onward to circle through what your eyes are seeing and to touch what your heart is feeling. You’ve got my vote here Stephanie.

  3. Spectacular image Steph but with a wonderful softness about it too. Excellent use of multiple expsoures to create an image that I could keep coming back to quite happily.

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