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Apr 162016
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One of the objectives of this site has been to inspire me in the art of creating images that move me emotionally. In the process of trying to do this I have come across other talented people who also move me with their work. Today I want to share with you the video work of Rachel Dickinson, who has bridged the difficult gap between being a creative artist and putting her work into a commercial field – all the while carrying her intent and authenticity through the project.

I’ve asked Rachel to describe what this feels like for her and this is her response:

Rachel Dickinson: “I practise something that I call intuitive film making. Having never studied film or editing, I have developed my own style which I believe has developed from my classically trained musical background. Musical composition was always my first love, and I believe that has given me tremendous gifts in film making due to its organic and fluid process. I have carried this technique through into my video projects. What this means in practical terms is that I plan nothing and instead like to immerse myself in the process, one which I trust whole heartedly. In this immersion I am able to feel and connect with the ‘essence’ of my subject. I like to edit as soon as possible after a shoot whilst I can still very strongly feel this essence, and again I employ the same fluid and organic process with editing, starting with the music track and letting the edit flow from there. The result are videos that I feel capture the heart and feeling of my subject in the moment. It also means that each video is unique to my experience of filming and would not be the same a second time. I have made two feature length documentaries, one which won a Best Documentary award at Cinema at the Edge Film Festival in L.A., as well as a host of smaller docos and promos. However what I most enjoy and what I feel is my ‘sweet spot’ are short, tightly woven pieces that attempt to convey that ‘essence’ in a concentrated window.”

The following link shows a sample of her work:
The Green Room Promotional

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  1. Rachel, I clicked on the Green Room. For me, I was moved by the way the music seemed to drive the visuals rather than (the more usual) other way round. I should not be surprised given you background.

  2. Your Green room video is very moving. You can almost feel the touches. I must go ok a massage right now! 🙂

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