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Well, a week or so out it looks like this damn exhibition might just happen. What an ordeal its been and there is HEAPS still to do but the back is certainly broken. Along the way I’ve learnt so much, not just about photography but about people.
Photography wise….printing sucks!!!! Printing 10 metre long roll of paper all spot on B&W then going back the next day and finding the printer has suddenly decided that you needed a pink tone added and I’m not talking a subtle pink I’m talking an Elton John pink, is heartbreaking. When you then turn round and see every tech in the lab running for the hills just rips your soul out, but somehow we got it sorted. Mind you I’ll never forget watching the first 30mm of a 900mm by 600mm print emerging and seeing the quality was something out of this world so maybe printing doesn’t suck quite as much after all.
People wise…..there are so many folk on this planet and I’ve come to realise that each one has a unique and different story to tell. I’ve talked to some amazing people, from the gentleman that can remember the first Labour government being elected in 1935 to Chris, who like us was a Christchurch earthquake refugee, its been a ball. All unique, all different and all very very interesting.

I challenge each one of you to find someone out there that you don’t know much about and sit down and talk to them, hear their story and then and only then create a portrait of them. Its an experience you wont regret.

Exhibition: Dunedin Community Gallery, Princess St, Dunedin. Running from the 16th to the 24th of April.

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  1. Ferg, it sounds like an exciting though demanding project. Best wishes in getting it over the line in the few remaining days. If the images are all as good at this it will be an outstanding event.

  2. That sounds like a challenging challenge Ferg. When one finds out what makes a person tick, you can then create an image which portrays the inner person and has a spark. It’s not easy, but is very satisfying when one does it. I have managed it only a few times over the years. The other challenge for portraits (or any image for that matter) is the output. Printing for an exhibition or creating a book of one’s images ! Or a catalogue of that exhibition :). I am glad I will have an opportunity to view your exhibition.

  3. I’m gutted that I won’t be able to be at the opening – here’s to a wonderful evening Ferg. Thinking of you.

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