Mar 312016
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This afternoon was the most exciting on the job for me since we started. Marcus alerted me to something happening in one of the greenrooms, after he installed the doors and blocked out most of the light. He didn’t know what it was, but I did, with a big grin!

This is the precursor to the camera – light through a tiny hole in a building creates a view of the outside world. Apart from the novelty value, artists used it to create accurate renditions of particular locations.

One of my heroes (artist models) in this area is Abelardo Morell, who makes camera obscura in buildings and hotel rooms and makes photographs of them with a large format camera. Huge camera obscure have been made out of aeroplane hangars, with enormous pictures developed by hanging light sensitive paper where the picture appears.

This might need a bit of adjustment to get a more focussed view. The smaller the hole the better the picture. I’ll be here with camera, tripod, building paper and hammer tomorrow.

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  4 Responses to “Camera Obscura, Kaiapoi – March 2016”

  1. Very cool – Im betting that you will be building them again and again!!!

    • I keep meaning to, but it’s not until something like this happens by accident that I remember how much I enjoy these!

  2. I think that white line is me driving by in the Land cruiser 🙂
    How very fun indeed for you! Can Tim and I come visit??? 🙂

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