A Dark and Stormy Night

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Mar 272016
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We were on the way back from Perth, about half way across the Tasman when we passed a quite active band of frontal thunderstorm clouds.

There is a quite special and unique view at 41000 feet.

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  4 Responses to “A Dark and Stormy Night”

  1. Very cool I especially like the well captured lightning.

  2. Wow, that energy just explodes out of this image Ian. Wonderful to be able to see these storms for so far above.

  3. Stunning image Ian. Not only skilled image making but well done flying near but not directly in line of the lightening.

  4. Oh I envy you guys who get the best view in the aircraft! Between you and Sarah you prompt a very strong case of the green eye. Exciting work and has such energy (no pun intended).

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