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I have been working on a project that has made me acutely aware that the left and right sides of our brains work very differently. One is as clear as a bell and the other is as fuzzy as hell. One rooted in reality the other in another realm. How do we switch one off and the other on, or have one influencing more than the other and how can we do this on demand? … My challenge this week was to attempt to capture this concept in an image. I suspect I have a lot more work to do but I had fun exploring.

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  1. Many years ago i learned about the left & right brain when dealing with horses. We can be a little different in how we use our different sides. Good luck Bruce capturing the Left & right side, I have played with this & decided the right side of my brain took me back to Glasgow the city of my birth and the city of my ugly side, often seen in my B&W work, keep playing with it Bruce, try the predator and prey analogy?????

    • Interesting Scott. We take such a different perspective. I had not associated the different sides with a predator prey analogy. The way I was going I was thinking structured vs unstructured. I can see how one could prey off the other though. Not sure I really want to go there but maybe I need to. Let us see.

  2. For me this is about “logical” vs “intuitive”.

    When both sides of my brain are working together things are great but often there is a nagging doubt from one side. In that case I have to really work to recognise the intuitive stuff. When “logical” says “dont be stupid here is the obvious answer” then quite often there is a missing element , and ‘intuitive” somehow knows about it.

    In this image “logical” cries out “what is that” while “intuitive” just says “who cares what it is just enjoy the form”

  3. I think it is a very big mistake to assume that the intuitive side is less real or believable. It just comes from a different place. It’s easy to construct a logical argument that is complete bollocks. And often our intuition is far better at seeing the real truth.

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