Fennel, Bishopdale – March 2016

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Mar 202016
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My husband is the king of puns and sad wit. Often we give him a bit (quite a bit) of stick when he comes out with a particularly lame one (or any one, really). He is always completely unfazed, and undeterred. “Practice” he says.

The dandelion made recently has reminded me how much I like the close view, and a few people have been encouraging me to do more with the weeds and herbs I love so much. I’d picked this fennel to eat, then decided that there was something that I wanted to document. While I’d taken a different approach to the way I normally photograph vegetation to use in these composites, and I’ve used this process many times before, I decided that a bit of “practice” (read “play”) was warranted. This has quite a different look and feel to those I’ve made in the past and has encouraged me to experiment a bit more to refine the view. I do like it, although I’m not quite sure what it is yet that is working for me, but that’s what play is for – something will develop out of this I’m sure.

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  1. Hi Jen, I love the balance, precision, contrast of hard and soft. The left brain right brain stuff I will talk about in my post today comes to play here too. To me there is a stability in this image that I find very reassuring but there is another dimension which takes me to higher planes. Great work as always.

  2. I enjoy these creations of yours, Jenny. I like the gentle tones in this image

  3. Wow i love the contrast between the geometry and the organic and the strong connection it makes within the composistion. There is a lot of beauty made from a bit of facial hair. Theres a lot to be said about that. Love your eye Mam the depth of field, the ambiguity.

  4. I like these. Pleased to see your still making them.

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