Mar 172016
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Everlasting Love
A beautiful rose with a beautiful scent. It flowers repeatedly throughout the season. Towards the
end of the season, it fades. Everlasting love might be faded but it continues to glow

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  4 Responses to “Everlasting Love – Barbara Burry”

  1. OMG….so gentle… peaceful……it sings to me.

  2. Beautiful Barbara.

  3. Gorgeous! And brings to mind (unrelated) the photographs of Ernst Hass, and flamenco dresses. Wonderful abstract.

  4. Thank you Ferg. I am glad you got my “other meaning” :). And thank you too John. Jenny, you made me think “what else could this image be” as I had only thought of it as a rose which reminds me of the gentle man who bought and planted it for me. He is gone but the rose lives on. This is a still image, but when I had another look at Flamenco dresses and Ernst Haas’s movement images I could see how easily this could be the bottom of a swirling flamenco dress. And I hadn’t even thought of it as an abstract!

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