Perception versus Reality

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Mar 162016
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As most of you know I, along with another two gents, have been working on an exhibition of people tied up with South Dunedin. Its taken a long time, way to long and a lot of lessons have been learnt along the way. The main one being that a project like this will take up the exact amount of time you allow for it regardless of how long that may be.
The other, and way more significant one, is that its not until you sit and talk with people do you really start to understand just who people are. This has come through in many of the folk we have met along the way. In fact meeting and talking to people has been the standout thrill of the whole project.
Recently I had the fortune to spend a morning talking to this character, Grahame Sydney, you would not meet a more interesting, intelligent, thought provoking man in the world. He challenged every value I hold dear in regards to my photography/art journey but just not that actually, in my life itself. I must admit to being terrified of making an image of such a well known figure, in fact I was shitting myself. There was absolutely no reason to be that way. He could not have been more generous and helpful to me. It was a morning that I will hold dear to my dying day.
I hope that this in some way does the experience justice.

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  7 Responses to “Perception versus Reality”

  1. So excited for you with this Ferg. It’s been an amazing experience. Can’t wait to see the results.

  2. If it took ages to get to the stage where you made this image then it was the perfect amount of time to take.

    Im really looking forward to coming down and seeing the rest of them

  3. If this environmental portrait of Graham Sydney is in his own library it shows that he is not only the painter we know, but also a very literary person. I have heard him present a number of times and he does question what one does and the formulaic way we create. This image raises questions in my mind – what is he looking at and why so serious? It might reveal more of his nature than we, the public, know. Ferg, I don’t know what your project is but if you are doing a series of environmental portraits of local people and this is one example then I think you will be creating a very interesting series. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Most envious Ferg. Great experience and record of that. Now looking forward to the results of the project.

  5. Way to go, Ferg – It might be just what’s needed to make a trip south to see the complete show. Fantastic – of course !!

  6. Thanks for the comments, to be far this isn’t actually the exhibition image it’s a gift Grahame gave me after we had what was required. The real one is a B & W head and shoulders.

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