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The image was set up as a homage to Charles Dickens “Great Expectations”
Miss Havisham and her views on love after she was left standing at the
altar and the abandonment that eventually affected those around her.
I was asked about the symbolism of the image and at first glance we can
see that the bride is left at the Altar. “Abandoned”
This image has deeper levels portrayed here. The building Antonio Hall is
abandoned and being left to the elements of Nature. The earthquakes
since 2010 in Christchurch caused considerable damage, but was still
being looked at as a major development site. The main building has a
heritage order so cannot be pulled down the chapel unfortunately does
not have a heritage order on it. The owners are now leaving it to
nature to continue the destruction to a state that it will no longer be
off any use and will need to be cleared for future development. Much
like the Revenge of Miss Havisham. The altar is symbolic of the
trappings of the church and the people’s abandonment of the church and
religion. The candle light is about enlightenment and a greater
understanding of the the bonds placed on us with many people choosing not
to be married to another person or with the church.The wreath off her
head has similar religious and spiritual symbolic connotations. The
empty cage also has a lot of symbolic attachments with it, however, I
would prefer people to make or take their own meanings from my art.

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  4 Responses to “Abandoned1 – Cheryl Muirson”

  1. Cheryl, a great image creating an appropriate emotional response in the viewer.

  2. Cheryl, Wonderful work. I can live woth this for quite some time as it works on me. I love symbolism and you have used it so well. Thank you.

  3. A beautiful photograph! Well thought out, concepted, executed, lit and pulled together. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed spending time with your photograph. 🙂

  4. Thank you everyone. i loved making this images. it has brought me loads of confidence and the knowledge that i can create images that make other people enjoy the visual arts

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