Where We Meet

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Mar 032016
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One of the challenging concepts that I’ve struggled to understand is facing the darker elements within yourself, acknowledging their presence, accepting that they are indeed part of you and being able to travel comfortably with that understanding.

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  1. Pauline, we all have this challenge, naturally. In this image I see a dark demon lurking in the lightness but the lightness is much more substantial. The balance between light and dark keeps changing and we need to keep remembering the wise worlds of Leonard Cohen “there is a crack in everything and that is what lets the light get in”. I went through a dark time the last time I visited your farm and made a photo in your forest that reminded me of that. I hold onto it whenever the going gets tough. http://agathering.co.nz/2013/11/05/there-is-a-crack-in-everything-thats-how-the-light-gets-in-leonard-cohen/ You are full of light!

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