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Feb 292016
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This is an image that was part of my work for my grad show series at Elam last year, but which I did not end up using as the work went in another direction as it evolved. My project proposal for the semester involved an exploration of aesthetics, especially Beauty, and materiality. When I made this image I had in mind Barthes notion of photographers as ‘agents of death’ and the idea of ’that-has-been’, and the materiality of the photographic process. Specifically in this series of images, I had in mind the physicality of photographic film (or a ‘pixel shower’) flying out of the camera and enveloping the subject in the frame as the shutter was pressed, thereby imprisoning the subject in that moment. In the course of last semester I also discovered Francesca Woodman and from her work, explored surrealism and Gothic tropes in photographs of women/female subjects. I like to read about the history of photography, and enjoy the drama and pathos of the studio portraits and ‘photographic art’ of Julia Margaret Cameron, so that sort of ‘histrionic’ photography is also a reference for this image. Hope you enjoy it.

You can see more of my work on my website – www.wendybrandon.nz

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  1. Thanks so much for joining us Wendy. It’s easy to enjoy the image, just for it’s mystique, and beautiful composition and balance. To have the rationale behind it is wonderful – bringing an added depth to the understandings and experience of the viewer. I’d really love to see more in this series. (And your grad show work!!)

  2. Welcome Wendy – thanks for the references to your work, I’m going to enjoy following up on them.

    • Thanks Pauline and Jenny. The Barthes reference is from Camera Lucida, and there are several books on Francesca Woodman. The local library will likely have one or two, or Fishpond. The Roman Years is good and not expensive.

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