Sunset, Lake Kaniere – Linda Ritchie

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Feb 182016
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I have always had an interest in Photography…not sure why. 3 years ago I invested in an intermediate camera and started making images. Pretty rough at 1st as I was going with gut instinct only. I knew nothing about shutter or aperture, or even composition…but feel I have learnt so much since then and I am still learning. Since then I have attended a week long workshop in the Maniototo which helped me to realise that photography was more about your soul in the image which can be creative and inspiring. I find that I like exploring landscape images and can quite easily lose time in chasing the early morning or evening light.

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  1. Linda I’ve watched your photography develop (see what I did there that was hilarious) over the last couple of years. The last 9 months have seen a dramatic change for the better. It’s great to watch keep it up.
    This image, for me, is so peaceful and calming, just what I needed to view and enjoy tonight. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Ferg…you are one of few who have encouraged and help my development. I am lucky to have such creative people involved in my photography life to learn from and help me find my own world in photography.

  2. Beautiful peaceful photograph 🙂

  3. Lovely peaceful image, thanks Linda for sharing.

  4. Welcome! And thank you for joining us at such short notice. You are a star! That learningyou’ve done, and your own confidence in self, really seems to have given you permission to put yourself into your work. There’s a real feeling of gentleness and recognition of beauty in your work. I love this, and always ask myself why I can’t make pictures like this.

  5. When I look at this image I get a strong sense of a line that divides this picture into two parts: It speaks to me of “As above, So Below” . The upper half of the image is of light and thoughts that fly upward into celestial heavens. The land sits as a doorway below the heavier, flowing sense of water, the realm of mans thoughts and activities.

    • Thanks Pauline…well put. I loved the calmness of this image plus the fact that there are so many of nature’s charms putting on a show from the calm waters to the closing night sky.

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