The haunt of El Garuda

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Feb 142016
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A mythical creature created in my Imac cauldron

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  1. Scott, this series of work from you is great – it really does make me want to see inside the machinery of your mind while you’re creating it. Mind you I will have a firm grip on my dram of Glenfiddich while I’m doing so just to sustain me through your process. Wonderful creative execution – love it.

  2. Thanks Pauline, I suggest a fine Islay malt would help you understand the crazy thought process that goes into creating these images. More to come, I am up to 15 creations so far this year, set myself a challenge of creating 20 then i will do a book, this one at the moment doesn’t make the grade it is COLOUR.

    • Then convert it to monochrome Scott and see what happens! Or maybe you have already done that. I think you are having FUN 🙂

      • Interesting Bruce ,do you see the hair as being female, could it be possible that it is the hair of a male. The male in the surrender pose, is this the serpent, could the male be classed as a snake I think so.The Elephant for size the umbrella for humour. The sword is the beak sharp. This is my modern, non whisky induced, interpretation of what Garuda might look like, while walking down the hallway of an abandoned house!

      • Thank you Barbara ,yes Ia m having fun.

  3. Scott, you are having some fun letting letting that creative in you have a free run. I do enjoy seeing what comes out as people do what you are doing. Those inner voices are definitely getting a hearing and I agree with Pauline …. great series of work from you this year so far. Elephant Bird Woman with weapons. Man in a loft surrendering. I would too but what is he surrendering to? Then what. Yes, definitely time for a dram!

  4. Scott, you got my interest going so I have now been researching Garuda and the plot thickens. Garuda is depicted as having the golden body of a strong man with a white face, red wings, and an eagle’s beak and with a crown on his head. This ancient deity was said to be massive, large enough to block out the sun. Garuda is appears in both Hinduism and Buddhism. From what I can gather Garuda is also the sworn enemy of the “serpent race” and can be worn as an amulet or tattoo to protect against snakes. Before I go too far into this realm of things. Is there a connection in your creative work? If so I would be very interested in knowing what it is. I am now very intrigued. From my reading I see that Garuda is depicted as male not female, and how does the elephant fit in? Fascinating.

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