Small Church, Martinborough

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Feb 082016
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This small church stands alone in a field amongst the grape vines on the edge of Martinborough. It seems a little out of place with no trees surrounding it, no path to its door and an agricultural feeling paddock as its home.

I donโ€™t know but it seems likely that it has been moved here.

There was a heavy sky that day yet the church building seemed to have a strength of character to stand up and celebrate its existence in spite of the unusual circumstance.

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  7 Responses to “Small Church, Martinborough”

  1. I like the perspective that you have taken this Ian, I feel it give a church a great feeling of strength, well it does for me, the viewer. Nice dynamics.

  2. I agree with Scott.

  3. I agree with Scott and John.
    Another thought also popped into my head. You know the saying when someone is having bad luck that ‘like they have dark cloud hanging over their head’. I kind of get this picture in my head like the church has had dark cloud over its head, but maybe in the new location, it’s starting to break away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It looks very much like the wee church that used to be on the Kahutara Road. I have not been that way for a while so don’t know if it’s been moved to Martinborough.
    Wonderful image.

  5. Ian, this image talks to me about determination and resilience. No matter what, the faith stands strong, even when very isolated and facing the storm. Great image. What does this say about you :-)?

  6. I’m with Scott and Ian. The central placement is so strong for me. When I looked at it on my phone – the preview page – it appeared to sit on the third and didn’t have anywhere near the impact or strength that it does here. That low viewpoint is key. I love the way it feels hunkered down to the land, but the clouds sweep upwards and outwards behind it. Giving it wings.

  7. oops – that artists in residence was me. forgot to log out ๐Ÿ™

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