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Feb 072016
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This is by no means a perfect image but it shows an important stage of where we are at as a family. A boisterous energetic pup, an exploring and creative 10 year old, and a 13 year old on the cusp of change.

I’m grappling with being a Mum to that 13 year old boy. He is strong willed and wanting more control over his own life. To me it seems like he is travelling at full speed towards independence and I want to slow it down but it’s probably appearing too slow for him. A time of pushing and pulling in his relationship with us and the strengthening of his relationships with his friends. A teenager, starting high school, and trying to figure out his way in the world. He’s making us change too.

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  3 Responses to “Change – Angela Field”

  1. This image suggests to me “different directions” which fits your words Angela.

    • I think that is definitely part of it too. The 10 year old still very much in childhood, with his brother venturing in a new direction. That pup seems to be trying to bring him back in again.

  2. Welcome Ange! I can empathise. This light and dreamy treatment makes me feel that you’re trying to stay in the dream, and that there is no clarity of vision in the space ahead. Yet.

    And that little exclamation mark boy/man out there. Trying to become himself.

    You know he will be amazing, no matter what challenges he sets you, and himself, along the way.

    Yes, change is inevitable. But then so is growth as a result. May you all grow stronger and bigger and more.

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