Is this too minimalist

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Feb 042016
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I am happy with this for myself but I am interested to know if it is too extreme for others.
Please be very frank.

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  1. Being very frank. Nothing (well almost nothing!) is too minimalist for me. Actually it’s hard to make that make sense. I love the least. That’s one quality I love in your work, and am trying to pursue myself. Hotere would have pared it back to mere lines.

    • Strangely enough, Jenny, I got a Hotere book from the library today. I have looked at his work but never taken the trouble to learn more about his work.
      It is the beginning of a trial i have given myself. To look less at photo galleries on line and bone up on (non-photographic) artists. I had bought and read some books on modern art a wee while ago but did not follow through until today. I was prompted to do so after a visit to the reopened art gallery here. After looking at the art I felt more inspired to get the camera out again. then I read Tony Bridge’s blog encouraging us to study art. Seemed to be several messages there.
      PS: Also got a book on David Hockney.

      • Good reminder John, when I started my photography was more influenced by the artists I loved than photographers. Then I tried to be a “proper photographer”. Maybe that’s what’s missing.

  2. Simple is often best John as so in this image. It brought back fond memories of the years I worked in the high country mustering early morning with low cloud.

  3. John, I love minimalist and the question I always ask myself is “what is it that grabs you?”. if you can answer that question then photograph it. To me this image tells me all I need to know about a barbed wire fence without having it rammed down my throat with all the extraneous detail. You have a real talent at doing this. Here you are communicating a single idea – the nature of a barbed wire fence. I love that you tell me so little that I can extend the idea in any direction I want (pardon the pun). I strive to achieve it in my photography too.

  4. Hieronymus Bosch is the artist Sir Tony suggested for me ,I wonder why?????

  5. I cant be Frank here John but I can be Ferg 🙂

    I dont this there’s such a thing as being too minimalist as long as the image has a message and its clear to the viewer. In this case it undoubtably does. You are the master of minimalism, you should have a go at pushing it further I watch with interest.

    As does Frank!!!!!!!

  6. The minimalist view tells your story perfectly.

    Id just lose the very slight vignetting at the top and have it drift away to white

  7. Will try that Ian.

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