Another time

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Feb 032016
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A time image that had a Salvador feel ,well I think so anyway, more to come.

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  5 Responses to “Another time”

  1. Scott, love the theme. His gallery in Paris was fantastic.

  2. Scott, I too like the theme popping up and of course the use of an artist model here. Great stuff. Looking forward to the next one already.

    • Thank you Bruce, this is one in a series of 20 images I hope to create around a common element ,the clock at 3 o’clock, not sure at this point why 3 o’clock but that is what is happening, also the umbrella makes an appearance now and again. keep watching as some very crazies to come.

  3. Great series – intriguingly bizarre…

    But its that feeling that draws me to look again and agian

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