Light At The End Of The Corridor

 Posted by on February 1, 2016  Add comments
Feb 012016
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For many reasons this is a total self portrait today……….no more needs said really

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  4 Responses to “Light At The End Of The Corridor”

  1. Hey Ferg, Powerful image. I love the contrast and the effect it has on my emotions. I don;t like being in there and I want out. Resonate with your day?

  2. It might be dark inside but there is light ahead.
    Emotional connection aside, this is a beautifully crafted image, Ferg. A half open door in the middle with panels of light either side spreading out from that to eventually become white lines. Top that with two curved white lines above the door. I hope you print this and hang it – I would if I had created it.

  3. At least there IS light at the end of the tunnell

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