My Horses, My Teachers

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Jan 302016
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I’ve spent time over the past 18 months working with two other women and some horses to deliver workshops that help participants gain insights into how they relate to people and their own inner world. Every experience for each person is an absolutely unique and meaningful response that is initiated by the horse’s interaction with that individual person. The horses have a powerful ability to draw out the hidden stories that we tell ourselves. I love the work because at the end of the day the individual has been shown something that they can take into their lives and make changes, seeds are planted that help the person grow, because that is what draws them to these workshops. We teach people about accessing the information that their bodies hold, through becoming aware of the subtle physical feelings presented, to use a gut instinct that we all possess but have forgotten how to utilise. We teach people about being their authentic self instead of their conditioned self. It is poweful work and the horses are the masters of drawing that out of us – along with some clever work from their human support team. It is a joy to be able to be part of this work. It is a challenge to try to photograph what is happening.

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  1. Pauline, horses are nature at its best, an amazing animal that I have loved and respected for nearly 30 years, they know when you are being a predator, a horse doesn’t care how much you know, it cares how much you care.

    • I love the way they don’t tell lies and yes, you’re right they care when you respect them – all of which is sooooo transferable to our own lives.

      • I used to love riding across the backcountry of New Zealand on a good trusty steed and a good pack of dogs, a feeling that is hard to explain, can only really be experienced.

  2. Sometimes I surprise myself with what comes up for me when I look at an image. 🙂
    When I first glanced at the image, what came up was the movement/multiple images helps to bring attention to the relationship. I think that is interesting, As i wouldn’t have guessed this ‘technique/approach’ would have been been such a tool.
    Then I read the text. Maybe our ‘who we are’ is always dancing around us in our movement. It’s when we get still that things are clear. 🙂

    • I’ve enjoyed your comments Ann – you’ve picked up on what I think is part of the interaction that horses bring to us through this work. Our world today drives us into a “busy” thinking pattern that doesn’t always help us when we want to see things clearly. I think you are right about finding stillness to perceive what we need to know.

  3. Pauline, my first reaction to this image as the intimacy between horse and human, created by the beautiful connection point. The softness of the image just makes it all the stronger for me. I grew up with horses but never developed a great relationship with them. I am sad to admit we fought eachother! My mother and my sister on the other hand … I is a powerful image supported with your backstory. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  4. Pauline, I have visited this image several times wanting to work out want I wanted to say. Then Bruce said it for me in his first two sentences.
    The power is twofold. My eye is drawn strongly to the connection point but that point is visually soft suggesting intimacy, tenderness and gentleness. Have you printed it and shared it with the person involved. it would be special.

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