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Jan 292016
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Alex is Kerry’s son and my godson. The family joke is that I’m his god-less mother. When Kerry asked me to be his godmother I pointed out the well-known known fact that I didn’t fit with the ‘godly’ bit. Her young teenage daughter pointed out I didn’t have to be religious to be his godmother, I just had to love him. She got me on that one.

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  2 Responses to “Alex”

  1. Vicki to me you seem to have taken this up a notch.

    Looking back on your series of “headshots” the earlier ones are great as markers for your travels. The tell of the place and the people there but your subjects dont tell us much of themselves.

    But these recent images are all about the character of the individuals.

    Kerry tells us she is your happy and cheerful friend and Alex says that he is a young man more than ready to take on the world.

    Well done and “please Maam, can we have some more……”

  2. Vicki, I was thinking of what to say then read Ian’s comments Enough said. Thank you for sharing this intimacy with us. You have some wonderful relationships which you have shared through your series. I love them.

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