After the Dream – Alison Meier

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Jan 272016
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After the dream.

You know that feeling when you jolt awake from a dream. You remember some of it – the pictures are still hard and sharp in your mind, your heart is still thumping from the emotion of it. But the rest is disappearing rapidly and soon you lose the feeling, the context, the images. There is only a hazy memory that is fading by the second, lost in the growing morning light.

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  2 Responses to “After the Dream – Alison Meier”

  1. Thank you for joining us Alison! That lovely light across the sleeping space in the morning has a very special feeling. There’s something about the rumpled bedding, obvious presence and absence that allows us to bring our own experience and memories into play.

  2. Thank you, Jen, for the invitation to post here. 🙂

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