Boiler room attendants

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I found this old boiler on a trip i did to Gore. It brought back many memories as these were similar boilers to the ones I spent 6 months working on as part of my engineering apprenticeship, except the ones I worked on were three times the size of these, but the same design. Just felt right with the attendants as they were always fussing over there boiler keeping it polished and clean.

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  1. Scott, there must have been an incredible number of things that could go wrong and need fixing.

  2. Yes John, there is a lot of moving parts that sometimes move the wrong way.

  3. Not on the same scale but I remember being the “boiler monitor” at primary school and having the job of helping the caretaker with the heating system.

    The boiler room had a unique and special smell. It was a mixture of coal, oil and other things mechanical.

    This picture has the same fee.

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