at Arthurs Creek – Rob Norman

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Jan 162016
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Attached is an image I created this week.

It is a place I have been going back to; disused cattle yards.

The contrast is high as it was a sunny day, burning hot.

This is with my new Fuji XT 1.

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  2 Responses to “at Arthurs Creek – Rob Norman”

  1. Places that have seen work, energy and activity but now are abandoned have a special feel – its like everything there is looking back.

    I can see why you keep going back

  2. Thanks for joining us Rob! I, too, can see why you like going back. There’s a wonderful feeling here, a gentleness that belies is origins. I enjoy the soft/hard contrast here between the grass and the wooden fence and gate, although the crumbling timber has a softness to it as it decays. Black and white allows us to concentrate on the textures and contrast. I love this.

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