What we step on … Karori, Jan 2016

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Jan 152016
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Walking down the street last week the leaf caught my eye. Initially I could not figure out why but then the textures – natural and man made – started to work on my mind. Man’s textures changed by nature and natures textures highlighted by man’s – whatever. There was something so I made a photo with the only camera I had – my iPhone. I love this image for its simplicity, for the fact that it honours things we just step on.

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  3 Responses to “What we step on … Karori, Jan 2016”

  1. Hi Bruce
    It’s funny that something we might ordinarily classify as ‘mundane’ can make some of the strongest images. Your square format really suits this, with the 3 portions of different textures. Then the contrast of te leaf brings attention to it.
    It makes me wonder if you stepped on it afterwards! 🙂

  2. I love your understanding of texture, which is strong within your work. The linear divisions and hard man made surfaces within this image create a formality that is strengthened by the square format and draw attention to the lovely organic form and texture of the leaf, despite the lack of colour contrast, looking a little sad and embarrassed to be caught in this position. I hope you didn’t stand on it 😉

  3. I like the soft feeling of the leaf and the hard lines of the concrete. At least you had a camera with you and made this simple graphic image.

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