Chestnut, Bishopdale – January 2016

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Jan 142016
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They’re there for all of us one way or another. And I know a few of you have had them imposed to significant degree. I’m so grateful that you’ve shown us ways to step out and beyond.

I’ve had my own little lessons over the past couple of months. Something about slowing down, (or completely stopping, she says ruefully), considering whether any action is actually necessary, and indeed worth the effort. So it becomes very obvious what is of real value or importance, and what can be dispensed with. It’s a good way to learn to pare back, and, personally, good mindset training for our next move into living in small spaces I guess.

As a result, I’m back to the tabletop pictures, and a wee diversion from my original intent to make pictures of family treasures, into personal treasures. And I still like the idea of playing with scale on these. Having them large. Weston’s pepper is always in my mind, and I have a long way to go to get that wonderful sense of form and sensuality he created with such a simple subject. Practice.

The interesting thing was that the effort required to get the tripod was one of those actions that was dispensed with, so my tripod became a small cardboard box, angle adjusted with a roll of masking tape. Results = same. Wondering if that approach would stand up in the Maniototo this winter.

There are no limits really.

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  2 Responses to “Chestnut, Bishopdale – January 2016”

  1. A cardboard box and masking tape as a tripod! I imagine it would depend on how hard the wind blows, how strong the glue is and how steep is the angle you are using! I like this simple, clean rendition

  2. Beautiful fine detail. I can just feel the chestnut. Great!

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