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  4 Responses to “Hollyford – Graham Dainty”

  1. I like how this image gives me a feeling that the land is floating on top of the water. I’m currently reading through the novels of Sir Terry Pratchett and it makes me think of his vision of the discworld. If you have a quirky sense of humour and like being led on a journey that you think is going somewhere but wriggles around all over the place, try reading his discworld series. Not for everyone but a wonderful look into a very creative and unique way of seeing the world.

  2. Several years ago we walked the Pyke/ Hollyford track ,8 day, 12 days of food, the most amazing place, we traveled for 5 day without seeing another person. Great image Graham, reminds me of so much of the Pyke side.

  3. Love those colours!

  4. Mr Dainty, who gave you permission to make an image like this? Exactly what presses my buttons!

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