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Jan 082016
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For me a new year is exciting – a bit like being back in school days and opening a new exercise book that was pristine, unmarked, expectant and waiting for me to fill it up. For those who know me and for those who have had deep conversations with me you will see why I love this image. It talks to me about what life reflects back to us, what is real and what appears to be intangible. Where does reality end and imagination carry on. What happens at the interface. Can we step through.
Thinking back about this year it ended with my Dad’s passing and our grandchild’s first Christmas all within a few days of each other. Looking forward I feel joy that I have been given this lifetime to live and love and learn. Looking forward looking back it’s all the same thing really and the interface is me.

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  1. Yes Pauline. a New Year is a great time to look back and look forward. A reminder to learn from the past year and to help create the new year by living in the moment.
    Stunning photo too.

  2. Pauline, firstly, I hadn’t heard about your dad. I’m so sorry to hear this. Big hugs to you. Xxx
    I have read that those we surround ourselves with are reflections of ourselves. This image certainly illustrates that!
    I love doing images of children and reflections … such innocence, exploration and discovery.
    When we are young, we instinctively learn new things each day. We must remember to keep learning each day at our age as well!

  3. Hi Pauline, So sorry to hear about your Dad, they are very special people and life is all the richer for having had them in it. Well, that was certainly the case for me. Our thoughts are with you. Love your image and all it represents. I was once challenged to look backwards and to make a photo story by doing so. My nature is to look forward not backward as I believe that history a combination of spent choices and that the future is rich with new choices to be made. Of course it is never so simple because history conditions us as to how we make choices. Spirituality gives us the courage to keep pushing the boundaries. new year is a great opportunity to reassess and to set up for boundary pushing and adventure. My challenge is to set myself up to make my own choices and not to languish so that they are made for me by others ….. Back to my photo story, in the end I decided to step backwards and look forwards and ended up in the place you did “Looking forward looking back it’s all the same thing really and the interface is me”. Great image and sentiments. thank you.

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