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Jan 072016
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The day before I left for the UK I told my parents and sister that I wanted to photograph them. My sister arrived as the rain started. No time for tripods and other ‘mucking about’. I chose a spot; we dashed outside and I grabbed a few shots of each of them in turn and passed my camera to my sister to take the photo of me. It was a mad dash, and fun.
Get out there and take those mad dash, fun pics, folks. They don’t have to be art. You don’t have to share them here, or on Flickr, or Facebook, or with anyone other than your subjects. One day they’ll be priceless.

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  4 Responses to “We are family”

  1. Especially if you print them, write the name and date on the back, then stick them in a shoe box under the bed.

  2. Vicki, this looks very special to me. I would never have thought of doing a family photo this way but it captures the character of a family in a great, unique way. I am sure you will treasure this even more as time goes by.

  3. Wonderful memories are nade of thes important images

  4. Ah Vicki, we don’t do this enough. I may have an opportunity to do this one day this year and I so look forward to it. thanks you for reminding us about how special these picture are.

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