Holding back the time

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Jan 012016
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Time ,where does it go.

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  6 Responses to “Holding back the time”

  1. Great work Scott. I like the way your image had me wandering around it and finding little treasures

  2. Love it Scott. Each time I look at it I find something more…

  3. Very clever Scott. So much to keep looking at and it really resonates with the time of year and stage of life for me. No getting of this train!! I like to hold onto some things and like to let go of others. I see you trying to keep some old traditions alive here … Very interesting work. Thanks

  4. A Dali clock concept applied in a Scott style. then again the Scott style has been tweeked with the introduction of a colour. An image to keep exploring. Love it.

  5. You are very clever Scott – you go beyond photography into phantasy! Well created. Your images are at the other end of the spectrum to John, imho

  6. Thank you everyone, more like this to come and more in the pipeline.

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