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For the past year I have been working with a couple of talented women and a small group of horses helping other people gain an understanding of the way we perceive our inner selves. Highly sensitive animals, horses respond to subtle changes in our body language and behaviour and thus provide valuable feedback on how we are in the moment. Examining our own reactions to equine behaviour can lead to powerful new insights into our own natural abilities and talents, therefore enhancing and promoting opportunities for personal growth. Horses are ancient creatures – as a species they have survived for over 50 million years. As prey animals, their lives depend upon their ability to correctly assess situations and react accordingly. They have an extremely heightened intuitive sense, enabling them to accurately perceive what is happening in their environment, and to communicate this to the rest of the herd. Invisible layers of electromagnetic energy guide them through their daily lives. Therefore they have the ability to reflect back to us our internal state. When we as humans begin to decode their feedback and understand energetic interaction we can learn more about ourselves. Horses make visible the invisible, if we are open to learning how to “see”.

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  1. Pauline, a beautifully formed image, lovely tones and a sense of mystery.

  2. There is a peacefulness to this image that, in the real thing as well, is obvious to even my un-horsey eye.

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