Young Oak Tree

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Dec 262015
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I was asked recently for a copy of one of my tree images from 2011.

When I was in the collection in Lightroom I right clicked and went to “open image in folder” just to have a peak at the original and tom see what else I had made on that day.

This image was there. I had given it a single star rating, made some tweaks in LR and moved on. For some reason I was drawn to it so we spent an hour or so in Photoshop and this is the result.

I quite like it and am left wondering just what other jems are hidden in old folders on my computer.

………………………. And you hadn’t seen a tree image for a while

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  4 Responses to “Young Oak Tree”

  1. Probably every one of your images might be a gem when you revisit . . .

  2. Love the symmetry of the trunk and the fence posts.

  3. I love the way the light shows the detail of the trunk, but doesn’t wash out the silhouette of the delicate branches. Your image obviously had good ‘bones’, but I suspect it was your touch-up with Photoshop that gave you the means to boost it far above your original one star. It’s a lovely image Ian.

  4. I love this! I think your technique has developed and expanded, and been honed, in the interim, so you’ve been able to work with this in a different (more sophisticated? subtle? I’m not quite sure how to explain what I see) way. It has a very illustrative quality and I keep going back and back to enjoy the detail of the branches and the feeling they have as an etching.

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