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I WOULD LIKE YOUR INPUT about the visual literacy of my photography.
This request is prompted by my viewing of a class on KELBYONE (using a 10 day free trial) by Daniel Gregory called “Visual Literacy”. I found it very challenging, in a good way!
He talks about the importance of ‘intention’ and his way of clarifying that and keeping it front of mind at all times is by finding a few key individual words that underlie his work – are his voice. I am in the process of reviewing my work trying to come up with two or three key words.
I have come up with some possibilities but often we are too close to our own work to see the wood from the trees. To help me in this exercise I would be grateful if you in the aGathering community could suggest words that underlie my work, or parts of it. This is not an ego stroking exercise, rather increasing understanding. So please be frank. I am happy for this to be through replies here but use email if you prefer.
PS: re the image above, a week in Venice means you see gondolas everywhere and you are aware of millions of photographs of them. Then I got the opportunity in the corner of one of the canals to do something a bit different. What a weight off me!

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  13 Responses to “I WOULD LIKE YOUR INPUT ……”

  1. Symmetry

  2. I really like the simplicity and clean lines.
    Also think the smidgeon of detail in the black is spot on.

  3. Sorry didn’t read your instructions/request properly…. simplicity

  4. Im going to say -Story.

    That may be a bit strange with an image as abstract as this but for me that is the point.
    You have abstracted to gondolas (gondolas, gondolas more F*^%$ing gondolas!!) and left us with an images that invites us to see something else.

    Minor Whites “photograph what else it is ” comment springs to mind.

  5. Lines of elegance

  6. Balance.

    There, I can make a comment if I limit it to one word!

    If you want two, I’ll add simplicity.

    Three, it’ll be elegance.

    What comes to me? Music.

    The first first three are a recurring theme in my response to your work.

    Merry Christmas John!

  7. Unique



  8. To me this image screams ” John Suckling”.

    It once again shows me how you relate to the world, it is unique,as are you and each and every one of us, that is why the “weight came off you”. When you found it.

    Wonderful work.

  9. Mysterious. Your images always make me think hard. They scream John Suckling

  10. I’ve just had a look at your gallery, John. With a few exceptions, the words that occur to me are abstract, simplicity, and patterns. Your use of unusual perspectives also adds a ‘John Suckling’ flavour.

  11. Refined

    You are able to distill your subject matter down to it’s bare essentials and exclude any distractions. Less is more.

  12. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.
    There is a theme there that fits my view but it is great to have a few words to sum it up.I will ‘report back’ after some time to see if keeping a few words top of mind makes any difference to my photography. I think it will have more impact than a longer artist statement. (Less is more – ha ha)
    Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.

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