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Dec 202015
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Rob and his wife live at the end of the road, they keep to themselves and very few of the locals really know about them.

Rob is a gunsmith, trained in England, a true craftsman, his workshop is overflowing with the tools of his trade, and he knows where everything is. His arthritic fingers show his age and the years spent working with steel.

He welcomed me, even suggesting he would tidy up his workshop!

Such a treasure.

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  4 Responses to “Rob – Meg Lipscombe”

  1. Meg, the word ‘detail’ immediately came to mind when I looked at this image – detail in Rob’s face, hands etc and detail in the workshop. Someone who matches his environment. A great environmental portrait.

  2. You’ve created a fabulous environmental portrait, Meg. It says so much about Rob. And you’ve added another level of complexity to my thoughts on portrait photography …. thanks, I think! 😉

  3. I always wished that you had needed to achieve your fellowship many times over because you have such depth in so many areas. This is one of them. I really hope that one day you will do an exhibition of your environmental portraits. Really BIG. So we can appreciate the detail.

  4. Amazing Meg! Thanks for sharing with us

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