The Tower

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Dec 042015
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I was waiting for the bus outside this hotel in Narita when the sun came out from behind the clouds and the metal façade just lit up.

So I channelled my “inner Suckling” and this was the result…..

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  4 Responses to “The Tower”

  1. Well, Ian, you had me fooled as to the author before I looked; as did John’s “Another Tree” post a few days ago! Is nothing sacred – or are those styles all within us anyway and it’s just a matter of seeing and acknowledging as appropriate 🙂

  2. There inner Suckling eh? I like that. I also love the image. Great seeing and acknowledgement.

  3. love it Ian. certainly my style visually and operationally – opportunistic and being aware something has happened. So are we all influenced by each other’s work or just become more aware as photographers of our surroundings. Both I guess.

  4. I also thought it would be Johns image as I was scrolling down. Well seen. I agree with your question /comment John 🙂

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