Dec 012015
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We share a lot of the same loves, my Mother and I. I didn’t realise just how many until she was gone, and reflection was all I had left.

Too many layers of stuff inbetween.

Non judgemental time for reflection. Bring that into real life child.

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  5 Responses to “Fern (things my mother taught me), Hahei, November 2015”

  1. Jen that is beautiful.
    I’ve been trying to say what you’ve invoked & keep deleting it.
    Sending hugs x

  2. Wonderful….

    Made me think that at times the “stuff inbetween” makes things look even more beautiful. Then we realise things that we knew already but didnt notice in real time.

  3. I found that after a time, when my continuing life sifted through my memories and the stories that I held inside about my mother, that I had the opportunity to lift the veils and see the possibilities of other things my mother taught me. Things that I was too pig headed and self infatuated to see. At the time I disliked the new revelations but realised that a hardness in a person is also an invitation to realise the softness that is its opposite and that you can be that softness. I think it can also be termed “tough love”.

  4. Wondeful image and text Jen, thanks for sharing. It really struck a chord with me.

  5. Just so beautiful Jen, your words “I didn’t realise just how many until she was gone,” ring so true. Your words are very thought provoking.

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