Nov 282015
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The diamond mining town of Kolmanskuppe, abandoned in 1954 by its German founders, is now a favoured tourist destination and a magnet for photographers. After decades of battering by the wind, the sand has taken over the buildings and crept inside and around the walls and doors. This ghost town is now an eerie relic of a time long gone. I made many images, as does everyone who visits this place. This is one of my favourites.

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  4 Responses to “River of Sand – Barbara Burry”

  1. Love it Barbara. What an exciting place to photograph.

    • Thank you John. It was and awesome place. It took everyone’s breath away! The challenge was to try and make something different!

  2. Well done Barbara. I love the way you used the wide angle at Kolmanskop.

  3. Thanks Barbara, lovely image 🙂

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