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Nov 172015
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Whenever I come back from a photo destination, I always ask myself did I produce a single image that sums up my feeling for that place, sometimes the answer is yes, other times its no. This image answered with a yes.

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  1. Graham I find this image fascinating – it has a feeling of being out of this time, somewhat surreal and yet it is an image that is nestled inside me. For me there is a somewhat dangerous aspect to it, perhaps the darker tonings and the claw like railing spikes do this, but I am drawn to the viewing lenses and what that engenders for me. It is a very appropriate image given the recent terrorist activities of this past year. It makes me aware that there is a danger in the myopic view we can have if we focus on the incredible detail that our viewing lens can give us of the world. But there is also a larger, much larger, view that can be seen too. It is in the larger view that I look to see what we have built, what we want to build.

  2. Hi Graham, I have been thinking about this image for a while now. The thing for me was the total lack of humanity in this image. Strange that I felt that way because it is all about humanity but there is no human in sight. The viewing scope has a face and eyes and it sees, but only when a human looks through it. Then there is the issue of the “face” being clear but what it sees being unclear. Are we losing our way? Have we become so far removed form our natural being that don’t even know who we are anymore? I feel that the scope represents a very narrow view of what we see because when we look through it all we see is a very small part of the biggest, most manufactured place on earth, the diversity of our planet is invisible and if we don’t look beyond tunnel vision it will be gone. On the other hand this is an iconic image, instantly recognisable. I have enjoyed living with it this last week and am pleased it is the one that represents your trip for you, thank you for sharing it.

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