Someone’s got to do it too!

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Nov 132015
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Still at the ploughing competition … this lady was in the tent, standing behind a table with a growing number of silver cups, which were to be awarded to the day’s competition winners. She was standing there polishing each one to a perfect shine. I congratulated her on how good they looked and she explained that some were returned by the previous year’s winners looking black, not silver. She seemed resigned to the fact that while winners were willing to put in the great effort and skill required to enter, compete and win, they weren’t quite so dedicated to polishing silver.

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  2 Responses to “Someone’s got to do it too!”

  1. Another gorgeous direct portrait. You have certainly connected with this lady, Vicki. I love the tones you are using too.

  2. Vicki, I want to know this lady. She has kind, deep eyes.

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