Nov 082015
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I have been thinking ………………… about me and photography.
Cole Thompson, in his latest blog said:
“I noticed that as I drove through the incredibly beautiful autumn scenery of New England, I was not inspired to create. But when I came across water of any kind, and particularly along the coast, I found myself excited and creating.
Now one might initially attribute this to me being a black and white photographer in the middle of a color wonderland. But I don’t think that’s what it was. Fall colors can make for some amazing black and white images and I know that there are great images in those hills.
And yet here were thousands of photographers flocking to the area to shoot the beauty of the mountains and trees…and I’m only taking the occasional iPhone snapshot to send back to my family! Why?
My conclusion is that I just don’t feel a Passion for mountains and trees, but I do for water.
But “why” do certain environs inspire me while others do not? I don’t know and the “why” is not very important to me: what’s important is that I recognize the source of my Passion and then do something about it.”
While staying with family, I also drove around New England in the USA recently during the fall and that experience also challenged the photographic me greatly, although in a slightly different way.
New Hampshire is very scenic at any time of the year with wall to wall trees but I will go days or weeks without making a photo (other than family). But this time the fall colours were incredible. One day we were driving along the scenic Kancamagus Highway. It was 30 miles of constant bright fall colours of red, orange and golden yellow – up close and covering all the hills behind. We were on a tight schedule so there was no time for photos. The next day we went back just to make photos – hundreds of them.
The first day was absolutely fantastic – one I will remember for years. The second was ok.
The lesson? Given the Essentialism mantra I try to follow (“I can do anything but not everything” and “No more yes. It’s either HELL YEAH or No”) I should learn to distinguish better between those visual experiences that do not fire up my photographic juices and those that do. If it’s HELL YEAH I am enjoying this experience, then do not worry about the camera, give the experience your full attention and immerse yourself in it. If it’s HELL YEAH I want to capture this, then find a way of doing it. Do not try and straddle these two options. Meditation has helped increase my awareness of this. There is a lot more I would like to say but have already taken up too much room this time.
PS: although I have put in a fall image it is way down on my list of favourite images on my trip. That illustrates my point!

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  4 Responses to “I have been thinking ………… about me and photography”

  1. Well said that master of Black and White.

  2. Thanks John. I really like the Hell Yeah attitude and have been working towards that myself but you have now put words around it – a great maxim for life.

  3. Is that a good post? – Hell Yeah!!

    Im with Cole on the water thing – For me I think its something about the water representing something that must be crossed …. perhaps a recognition of journey rather than destination

  4. Maybe we are water or fire people and the leaves were symbolic of fire. 🙂

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