Someone’s got to do it!

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Nov 022015
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I entered the main tent at the ploughing competition to view the usual array of goodies for sale, and competition entries … baking and the like. There was also a table of homemade spirits, and as I walked in a trio of gentlemen were getting their heads around the fact that they were going to have to do the judging, and that was going to have to include a taste test. However, they were [wisely] starting at the ‘safe end’ and checking out the clarity and colour!

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  4 Responses to “Someone’s got to do it!”

  1. At first glance I thought that said “Slade Gin” on the bottle

    • You just caused me to have a big grin, Ian. Well said. And great shot again Vicki. I love how you have captured the moment. You have come up with a unique way to tell the story of your travels. I am loving it.

      • Thank you, Barbara. I’m enjoying creating them – each one comes with a memorable story, and from each photo I can build a larger story of everything else that was going on around that point in time.

    • That’s even better than what I thought it said, Ian – Shoe Gin. It’s actually sloe gin, and when I read about it I was a bit surprised that they were steeping shoes in gin, so I had a closer look!

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