Wild Weather – Dot Mullay

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One evening I was out at Oreti Beach near Invercargill waiting for a beautiful sunset to happen but it didn’t. I left just after sunset and on leaving the beach I looked across to my right (east) through the tussocks and the most beautiful scene was right there. Streaks of light and a wild gusty wind was happening and it really looked quite dramatic. The beauty of the scene was gone in about 20 seconds and all I had time for was three shots. Sometimes it is like my heart and my camera are so entwined that they come together as one and the possibilities for creative expression are endless. My photography is truly a voyage of discovery and excitement in my wanderings in our glorious creation.

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  3 Responses to “Wild Weather – Dot Mullay”

  1. Welcome Dot, and thank you for this wonderful image – no surprises that I would like it. I think it would be a good thing to see more of your work – anyway of sharing ??

  2. This is gorgeous Dot, you have captured a wonderful essence of this place and time. Thank you for joining us!

  3. Thanks Dot for giving in to my pestering and joining us here on aGathering.

    I first saw this image when I was helping to select the salon for the PSNZ southern regional conference. It just jumped off the screen…

    You have captured the feeling of the passing light and the gusty wind in such a way that I feel like I am standing beside you. Simply put – I love it!!

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