Oct 262015
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There is such a joyfulness about spring, we start to feel alive again after our winter hibernation and the colours are popping out of bare branches before the foliage has had time to appear.

I am drawn to spring blooms, playing with them to show how I feel about the new season. Summer is just around the corner.

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  6 Responses to “Dancing Magnolias – Meg Lipscombe”

  1. If I let my breath out too hard I think I might destroy this fragile exquisite image. I think I will just hold my first in drawn breath when I saw it.

    • I have just started playing with multiple exposures, and when I saw this on my screen, I had a similar reaction, so surprised at what I had created….unexpectedly!

  2. What Pauline said. So very delicate. Lovely

  3. Pauline and Ann have stolen my words but not my feelings. So I will just say it is beautiful and magical and well done. I like it a lot.

  4. I agree with above. Is especially interesting as we are still in New Hampshire, USA, seeing spectacular fall colours.

  5. Meg, this is so delicate, beautiful and absolutely YOU! I can’t imagine where multiple exposures is going to take you now, but I feel sure that they will be gorgeous.

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