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Oct 242015
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  3 Responses to “Tired”

  1. I love this image. I’m intrigued with the overlaid images and how I roam around the textures and suggestive shapes. There is a strong feeling of gauntness, of giving all, of throwing up of hands and despair. I find this image powerful and sobering. I’d like to see its reflection Tim – the one of joy, hope and new beginnings.

  2. Wow. But there is a sense of a guardian or a sentinel here for me too. I love the bark overlay – helps tell the story of endurance.

  3. Tim, we are still in New Hampshire, USA, It is a State of trillions of trees and few people and as i have said to you before, i get bored with the view. But being here during October has been a treat. There are concurrently trees of all kinds of warm colours, green trees and bare trees, some in swampy areas where they have been dead for years. The starkness of the dead trees are such a contrast to the vibrancy of the fall colours or the delicacy of the deciduous trees that have just lost their leaves and are ‘resting’.

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