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Oct 222015
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We attended a ploughing competition at Aldworth – teams of horses vs tractors [of all vintages] vs traction engines. We didn’t stay long enough to discover who won, but I can tell you that last year the champions were a pair of horses, much to the dismay of the tractor drivers!
We learnt several things by attending, but perhaps the most interesting was to discover that when a traction engine ploughs a field, it does not trundle up and down pulling the plough, like tractor or horse-drawn ploughing, but instead requires two traction engines, one on each side of the field, with a cable between the two which is attached to a pulley on each engine. To the cable is attached a plough (with a driver at the wheel), and so the plough is pulled from one traction engine to the other, with the traction engines moving across the length of the field as each pass is made. If I’ve made this process as clear as mud, and you’re interested in having the mud wiped from your eyes, I could post more photographs on the Facebook page to explain a little better – let me know. However, this post is supposed to be about the lovely gentleman in my image. The men driving and running the traction engines were all obviously enthusiastic about their charges, familiar with being in the limelight, and more than happy to be chatty, and photographed.

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  1. Another portrait of an interesting face. You have made a connection with this man and there is great eye contact . I like the angle from where you have made this image. I am enjoying your series and their stories

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