Oct 202015
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This was made on my recent trip to the Eastern seaboard of the US .
I stopped in Boston for two nights on my way north and decided to explore some building interiors after enjoying the architecture in New York.
The exterior of the Boston Public Library is large and imposing, built in 1895 it was the first major Beaux Arts building in the US. It is considered the most beautiful library in the States.
At the time, I wondered whether it really could be that beautiful, such a large rectangular building.
As I walked inside and up the staircase I really was overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of the interior and felt a huge uplifting of spirit as I stood and just absorbed it all.I think I gasped and spoke out aloud.
It is this beauty and joyous feeling I have tried to convey by choosing to portray it delicately in B+W.
I liked the contrast with the people showing that it is a public space for everyone to enjoy.

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  2 Responses to “Boston Public Library – Sarah Caldwell”

  1. Hi Sarah and thanks for joining us here.

    Its interesting that today, when visiting a landmark such as this, most visitors content themselves with a selfie.
    Yet you have reacted to the way the building made you feel and produced an image worthy of such a place.

    I particularly like that you have chosen to present this in B+W as, to me, that gives it a timeless feel. The people at the side finish the story and give context.

    It looks like it should be on my “must visit” list – perhaps on the way to a workshop in Maine…

  2. Hi Sarah
    What a beautiful building and you’ve chosen a near perfect spot for capturing it. From this perspective, the eyes happily move around and through the photo, then want to start again – one of my criteria for a photo well done! 🙂

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