Waiting on ?

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Oct 162015
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For the last 9 months, since my TIA, this has been the creative circus called my brain, waiting for, well the crazy ideas to come along, the voices have been quiet, I hate it when the voices are quiet, it worries me. I look forward to their return. Into the darkness went the gallant few. I have journeyed there and over the next few month a new path is too be followed, a new craziness. The voices have returned with a vengeance!
Maybe time to venture into new exciting territory. The next few posts are a testament to the new voices, enjoy or not.

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  6 Responses to “Waiting on ?”

  1. Great image Scott. Leaves plenty to the imagination.

  2. After this one Im looking forward to what follows….

    The darkness draws me in to this image

  3. Really like this image Scott

  4. It is good to read that your brain is back working again! I look forward to seeing what the voices cause you to produce!

  5. great image Scott. A light path through the darkness. Waiting- looking into the future. A lot of unknown.

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