Oct 152015
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More photos from our Africa trip! I mentioned in a previous post that I spent some time before we went pondering ideas of photos a bit different than the typical. As usual, ideas appear out of nowhere. (which I love) Who knows where they come from! Doesn’t matter, just grateful that they do! So…this idea of taking a big piece of red chiffon and throwing it above the dunes is one of those ideas out of nowhere. I stood in the same place for the entire time, around 1-2 hours. Tim helped for awhile, then when he went on to do his own thing. I just kept going because it was just so darn fun. We laughed ourselves silly. There’s all sorts of shapes, but this one resembles the flow of the dune, so one of my favorites.”

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  5 Responses to “Red Chiffon – Ann Worthy Stephenson”

  1. A gorgeous colourful creation Ann. I am just sad that I didn’t see you in action.

  2. This makes me smile – who else but Ann, when faced with hugely restricted baggage space, would insist on taking a big piece of red chiffon …..

    And Im so glad that you did

  3. I love this Ann, it is now ‘art’ as opposed to a good landscape. An Argentinian photographer woman I have met did a similar thing in Antarctica a few years ago… I will try and find the link.
    Anyway congratulations on doing this instead of just thinking about it! Have you a series of these?

  4. Ann, i like this. Great contrast in form and colour.

  5. Brilliant idea, to take that with you, and to use it in this way. Apart from the colour and form, it conjures up all sorts of visions of what lies outside the frame. Love it.

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