Ladders of Success

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Oct 122015
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Recently I met up with another member of the aGathering group and we spent a lot of time discussing how to read an image. I think many of us have lost the ability to “read” an image through the symbolism used, the use of colour, the positioning of elemental parts and our lack of education / appreciation. I also think that we need to practise what it is we are trying to say when we make an image. For these reasons I was happy to spend time making this image with the view to revisiting conversations with my fellow aGathering member and the exercise of trying to make an image express what it was that I wanted to say.

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  6 Responses to “Ladders of Success”

  1. Hi Pauline,
    I love the colours.
    You may think this is wierd. Keep in mind that I have a ridiculous imagination! My first thought was climbing up from Middle Earth to civilization!
    Then the flipside of that, wanting to step off the merry-go round of busy life to a place where no one can find you/hiding.

  2. Lol. Your comments are totally valid I’m counting the image as successful if it indeed stirs up anyones imagination. In conversation with someone else they also came up with the rethink that ladders can be traveled up or down. For me the element that tells people the most about what I was thinking about are the two birds Jo flying in the sky

  3. HA! this made me laugh out loud and it’s all in the title. I had never thought of this place like that at all but now that you mention it you are so right – especially that side of the valley (tongue in cheek)! This brings to mind another issue that often gets my attention and that is the use of titles. Are they always necessary and do they help? In this case the title led me to a very different place to the one I have gone to when I completely ignore the title. I go to a place called Elysium, an exclusive paradise in the sky where they have everything and keep the poor and suffering earthlings away. Put in our modern context this made me feel like we live in a paradise that is inaccessible to the refugees of Syria, for example. In another way we are lucky to be educated and have the wealth to be able to exercise choice. For those that do not have these luxuries, getting on that ladder from the chasm below is nigh on impossible (“Ladder of Success” are not available to all). Then there are those that think they don’t give a continental about it all and fly high and free. Not sure I am totally convinced about that though …. Quite a statement Pauline. Very well done and thank you.

  4. I’m glad you commented Bruce, I was wondering how you might respond.

  5. Pauline, for me this is an outstanding image.
    First of all, i love the aesthetics. The colours, the treatment of the houses and trees and, of course, the wiggly ladders. So you had me at that point anyway.
    Then there is the significance of the image content and your comments.
    Stephen Covey used to talk about the danger of climbing a ladder leaning against the wrong wall. But while this is very pertinent, there is also in my view the danger of being aware of how important the decision is that we hold off and stay on the ground too long or stay up the wrong ladder while we try and decide what to do. I wonder if the concept of a ladder is too constraining – up and only in one direction. Over time we change and the world around us changes so I see the decisions on what direction is up may change. So choice is an iterative process. To do that you truly have to be in the now. That is the challenge – being in the now. For me, regularly practicing meditation helps.
    On a more down to earth (no pun intended) aspect of choice, I read recently a book called Essentialism. I mentioned it in a comment on Bruce’s image. One quote I love is “There is no yes. Only Hell Yeah, or No.” That keeps me focused on what is important!

    • John I am going to run with that idea of hell yeah and no. It means I will be much more decisive when I want to do something or if I don’t want to be pushed.

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